About Me
Shaman, Psychic, Medium 

After experiencing a major shift in my perception of the world, I started to discover the beauty of Spirit and how profound it really is. Whilst looking for crystals online, I came across a book about shamanism that caught my attention. After trying some of the practices in the book I realised I had a natural affinity for this work and could go into trance and complete the practices with ease.

Further Study

I was inspired to study Shamanic Spirit Medicine with Scott Silverston, a leader in the international Shamanic Teaching Community, who is based in Hawaii and assists students and clients in dozens of countries around the world. I completed Scott’s Shamanic Apprenticeship Training and graduated from his Advanced Shamanic Practices course.

“Lindsay approaches shamanic work with authenticity, humility and clarity; when you schedule a session with her, you will be in good hands.”

Scott Silverston, Founder, Shamanic Spirit Medicine

I offer shamanic healing to those in need of deep energy healing and often incorporate psychic information, mediumship and crystal healing into my sessions – whatever comes through.   

The healing my clients require ranges immensely from those struggling with serious trauma, addiction and emotional stress to those who just can’t seem to put their finger on what’s wrong, they just feel flat, demotivated and uninspired by life.  

Have a look at what my clients have to say here.

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If you’d like more information about how shamanic healing can help you, get in touch by calling +61 (0) 429 610 337 or email shamanofperth@gmail.com.

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