Power Animals

What are Power Animals?

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form that help us connect with the spirit world. They are powerful allies who protect and guide us, helping us navigate through life’s challenges and transitions, and you can turn to them for advice and guidance whenever you choose. 

You might be wondering if your power animal is like a spiritual pet, but this isn’t how it works. Power animals are not the consciousness of a single animal in spirit form; they represent the collective energy of that species or animal. If your power animal is a jaguar, for example, the source of power for your animal spirit is representative of the entire species of jaguars.

Having said that, a particular individual from a species such as a beloved pet that has passed to the spirit world can still serve as a spiritual protector and guide, they just aren’t your power animal. 

How do I know what my Power Animal is?

Power animals can appear in meditations, visions, dreams or shamanic journeys and they can also appear on the earth in their physical form as a sign or reminder for us. 

Power animals exist regardless of whether we are in conscious communication with them or not and virtually everyone has at least one spirit animal that loves and protects them unconditionally. 

Spirit animals can be mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects or even mythical creatures such as unicorns or dragons, despite them having no physical representations in the material world. 

We do not choose our power animal, our power animal chooses us, and it will be something we have a soul connection with. 

The easiest way to find out what your power animal is, is to do a shamanic journey to Lower World, asking them to present themselves to you. Generally whatever animal you see first is your power animal and they will continue to appear in future journeys.

Connecting with your Power Animal

Once you’ve made an initial connection with your power animal, communicating through shamanic journeying and expressing gratitude regularly, will greatly enhance your bond with them and the protection you receive. It will also expand your spiritual capabilities immensely. 

We often share the same physical and behavioural characteristics of our power animal. For example, a young and energetic lady may be very clever in the way she goes about things, is quick to respond and make decisions and therefore has Fox as her power animal. An older, larger male may be gentle by nature, yet capable of standing up for himself and others when needed, and therefore has Bear as his power animal. 

Power animals have a very personal meaning to each individual and the same animal can have a different meaning to two people with the same power animal.

A bear can be slow and sedate at times, yet fiery and agitated at others. If two people happen to have the same power animal, they may share different characteristics with that species, therefore it may mean one thing to one and something else to the other. 

Working with Different Spirit Animals

Most people have one or two spirit animals that are most prominent to them and appear frequently in journeys. 

For some, this power animal will stay with them their whole life, for others, a new animal can step forwards at a particular time and become their power animal. This often happens when we have a major shift in life circumstances and the medicine of a different species is more appropriate for us moving forwards. 

If we consciously work with different types of animals to learn how to integrate their wisdom and use their spirit medicine, we will acquire more spirit animals that we can draw on and work with when needed. 

The key is to connect regularly and show gratitude often – they will soon show up and bring their spirit medicine into your life!