Time: 10am – 12pm
Date: Sunday 4th December 2022
Location: Karrinyup, Perth

Are you curious about shamanism and want to learn how to do a shamanic journey for yourself?

This workshop will teach you about how shamanism works and how you can incorporate it into your life so that you can tap into this powerful spiritual modality whenever you choose. 

You’ll learn how to journey, meet your spirit animal(s) and get guidance from them.

  • Understand the basic principals of shamanism
  • Find out how to incorporate shamanism into your life
  • Learn about smudging and space clearing
  • Learn how to journey so you can do this whenever you choose
  • Understand about spirit / power animals and what they mean
  • Perform two journeys to meet your spirit / power animal(s) and get guidance from them

Nb. This workshop is based on the teachings of Scott Silverston from Shamanic Spirit Medicine