Relationship Healing Gift Voucher

//Relationship Healing Gift Voucher

Relationship Healing Gift Voucher


If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a friend or loved one, consider a Relationship Shamanic Healing Gift Voucher with Shaman of Perth. This doesn’t have to be for an intimate relationship, it can be a friendship, siblings or parent/child relationship.

This session involves performing energy healing on two people in a relationship to bring their energy bodies back to balance, followed by a variety of shamanic techniques such as removing intrusions and bringing the soul parts back to a relationship to help heal from the specific issues they want to work on.

Nb. This session is offered via distance only.


Relationship Shamanic Healing

When we are in a relationship that is negatively affecting us, the impact on our energy body is also significant. Quite often we want the relationship to work and be healthy but there are underlying issues that need to be healed. This doesn’t have to be an intimate relationship, it can be a friendship, siblings or parent/child relationship.

What’s involved?

During a relationship shamanic healing session, I will first perform energy healing on each person to balance their chakras and restore their energy body.

I will then use a variety of shamanic techniques to heal the trauma you’ve experienced or issues you’re currently facing in your relationship. This can involve any of the following but I will be guided as to what is required for your relationship:

  • Removal of blockages
  • Soul retrieval
  • Replacing agreements or limiting beliefs
  • Removal of entities and intrusions

Psychic Information and Guidance

Psychic information may comes through during a session to determine the cause of any intrusions or soul loss and I will also ask for any guidance from Spirit to help you both on your path together.

Messages from Loved Ones

If you are open to receiving information from loved ones that have passed, you may receive some special messages from them too.

Nb. All sessions are done via distance as I can access shamanic medicine very effectively this way. You will be provided with detailed information following your session – what has been healed and any messages to be passed on. Price depends on how many items you want to address in the session.