Psychic information can provide valuable insights into your life and where you’re heading. By tuning into your energy, a psychic can obtain unknown information such as how you’re feeling, your hobbies and interests, what might be bothering you or significant others in your life.  

Psychic Shamanism

A Shaman will often (but not always) receive psychic information as part of a healing session. When performing a soul retrieval, the Shaman may receive psychic information in order to understand the true cause of a trauma and what happened at this time.

Receiving Information

Psychic information can be received in a number of ways such as through clairvoyance (visual information), clairaudience (auditory information) clairsentience (feeling emotions) or claircognizance – just simply knowing something to be true.

Psychic Guidance

Messages and guidance from Spirit can be channelled and passed on in order to help you on your path. This can be to assist in making important decisions or simply to discover things about yourself that you may not have previously been aware of.

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