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Shamanic medicine is an extremely powerful method of spiritual healing used to bring about positive change in a person’s life. It aims to get to the root of their problem and resolve it by healing their energy body, so that they can move forward and exist in better relationship with the world around them.  

How Does it Work?

There are many forms of shamanic healing that have derived from the many different indigenous tribes across the globe, but essentially practitioners will enter into a trance-like state (usually through drumming) in order to connect with various spirit entities, and use their guidance to bring about healing. Spirit entities can be spirit guides, ancestors, spirits of the land as well as plant and animal spirits.

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Shamanic healing can help with any number of issues and can assist with emotional and physical wellbeing. When we finally heal past traumas in our energy body, the results can be remarkable, bringing about the following: 

  • Release from what has been holding us back
  • A feeling of wholeness, well-being and inner peace  
  • An increased sense of purpose, meaning and inner joy  
  • A deeper connection to Mother Earth and Spirit 
  • A deeper connection and alignment with our higher self 

What does a session involve?

A shamanic session usually involves some sort of soul retrieval. A practitioner will scan your energy body to identify problematic areas and retrieve soul parts that have been lost to you. Find out more about soul retrieval here and what a shamanic session involves here.

Environmental Shamanism

Shamanic healing isn’t just limited to helping the people on our planet. The land we walk on, the buildings we inhabit, the places we work can all gather negative energy and benefit from shamanic healing. The more we connect and raise the vibration of ourselves and our environment, the more positive the effect will be on the entire web of life. 

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